How to Select Your Cooking Area or Shower Room Ceramic Tiles

Planning and upgrading your washroom or kitchen is not always an easy job. You teem with excitement yet are faced with lots of options. The choice of ceramic tiles is bewildering. Usually color, style and budget are the vital elements affecting your option. Nonetheless I would add a further element ‘technical performance’. Bear in mind all tiles identified as ‘ceramic’ are not the very same. Undoubtedly some natural mineral tiles such as slate or marble occasionally make use of the same terms. To the majority of people tiles are tiles – aren’t they? Well no! You need to recognize there go to least 2 categories of ceramic floor tile; flooring tiles as well as wall tiles What makes them various is ‘technical efficiency’. They are both generally made from ceramic, they can both be glazed with a shiny surface and also both can be extremely colored with designs. Nonetheless they do not have the same technological efficiency in operation!

Wall tiles

Wall tiles are normally porous (on the back) and also have a highly glossy polish coating on the face. This permits them to be sanitary, cleanable, and also not absorb moisture on the face when revealed to damp problems in shower rooms and also kitchens. However in manufacture they are generally fired in a rapid fire kiln in less than one hr. This indicates they have actually limited strength, abrasion as well as slip resistance.

Flooring tiles

In contrast flooring tiles chosen from tiles supplies singapore is discharged to a higher temperature normally with a special polish finishing. This offers a much increased toughness, abrasion and also slides resistance. Clearly this provides benefits when utilized under foot where more powerful tiles are much less most likely to break, scratch or wear as well as stand up to sliding. Certainly a number of standards need to be met for tiles to be taken into consideration ideal for flooring ceramic tile use. So pick carefully for your area. Flooring tiles for floorings, as well as wall surface tiles for walls!

Color and also finish

A second consideration is floor tile coating and color. Although this is generally to private taste, for finest slip performance floor tiles have a plain gloss or matt texture. Wall tiles can have a much wider series of glaze structures as well as gloss however a smoother surface is usually much more easily cleaned up than a textured surface. Please be aware that although the majority of tiles provided in a box set are matching in design as well as color they are not the same!


Most likely one of the most crucial element of tiles is the quality of manufacture. Although many tiles provided by reliable distributors are made to European typical BSEN14411 or American ASTM criterion matching’s, it is not easily apparent by just how much they exceed these standards. In Europe the CE Mark suggests high quality taken on by ceramic tile suppliers. Established brands like Marissa or Porcelains are frequently pushing the limits to produce constant products which go beyond expectation in regards to top quality, layout and also efficiency.