iPhone screen repair Singapore

Cheaper iPhone Repair Services

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Replacement of iPhone screen is very expensive but there is no other way to get it around. In one report which is published by SquareTrade in 2012 reveals that since 2007 US has alone spent around 5.9 billion dollars on the damaged iPhones.

If you don’t have money for booking the appointment with crowded GeniusBar then there are various other alternate service are available who are specializing in repairing iPhone screens.

You can just give a try if someone has iPhone screens has been smashed.

iPhone screen repair Singapore

LYK are repairing the broken iPhone where they are sending their iTechs to your preferred location. When you are entering your information on the website then they will see if any of the workers are available in your area. If someone is present in your area then you will be given his information within a minute and you will be able to set up the appointment with him.

LYK is giving the best service for iPhone repairs and they are charging only the fair amount of money. It will cost you about 130$ for replacing the screen on iPhone 5 but it is still very cheaper than the original charge of Apple Care.

These prices are varying depending on the region and device. iPhone 4 can be repaired in just 100$.

If you are going for replacing the screen of iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5 then it will cost you around 269$. But screen replacement on iPhone 4s can be done in 199$.

For more info on iPhone screen repair Singapore visit https://lykrepair.com/fix/model/iphone/